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TYPOGRAPHY | FBAUP 2019 - 2020 | Made in partnership with Vera Vasconcelos

Designed on an A2 support, it can be sent by mail as a form of notice (folded twice and has a final dimension A4). Conceptually, it alludes to the wave of event cancellation in this pandemic era has an universal character that can be applied to any occurrence of this type. The typography is interrupted, cut, “canceled”; it is divided between the font and the back of the support, the “side” segment actually appears “on the side”. The letters are separated, isolated. Random dates represent this chaotic period. The C seems to be transformed into a 6 which, in turn, becomes a 9. To interconnect all this with the anatomical typographic study, a game is played between the necessary procedures to obtain the ticket refund and the typographic practice (“kerning of safety”, “gloves size 500 pt”, “mask aligned to the center”). 

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